My motto

My motto

Sometimes you have a big AHA moment in your life. For example, when i was at the marketing summit in San Diego in 2019, there was a 50-minute presentation. One thing from that presentation I will never forget.

At my age of around 16 years old, I heard the quote "turn the corner". The meaning was simple, when you stuck, struggle, or have a bad day, just keep going, turn the corner and go ahead. It is very inspiring for me. So I used this a lot in my thoughts when I had the feeling that I need to go ahead.

18 years later, I searched if the domain name is still available, not for every TLD, but a few were available, so I bought it. Then, 6 months later, I started this website.

A friend asks me to join him at a marketing summit in San Diego at the beginning of 2019. It was the perfect moment for something new, something inspiring. So I said yes and booked a ticket to San Diego, California. It was my first large marketing summit; I mostly visited tech exhibitions around the world. This was totally different, four days of speakers, around 9 hours a day. So I heard and saw a lot of new things. However, one of the presentations needed some time to land in my head. It took a few days, maybe weeks, before I really understand it.

The presentation from Joe Polish was short but gave me an insight I will never forget. At that moment, I was struggling with one of my businesses. First, Joe Polish told his story and showed a little bit of his framework. Then, he talked about a H.A.L.F. business. His meaning with this abbreviation is that H.A.L.F. stands for Hard, Annoying, Lame, and Frustrating.

The opposite is the E.L.F business, which stands for Easy, Lucrative, and Fun.

Joe Polish asked the audience, what kind of business are you running? E.L.F or H.A.R.D. In my situation, it was the last one; my business was really hard, annoying, lame, and frustrating. So I decided to make a big move a few months after this presentation. In a later post, I will explain more about my transitions and movements in my business life.

After the summit, i added this philosophy as a requirement for everything in life, personal and in business. So the only question I need to ask myself every day is this E.L.F. or H.A.R.D?  When the answer H.A.R.D. It's time to turn the corner.

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