About MessageBull

We started MessageBull because, fundamentally, we believe that entrepreneurs (like you) deserve to focus on their core business offerings if they want any measure of success. We see it happen all the time; a lot of brave entrepreneurs dive into their work, but find that they don’t have the expertise or time to perfectly execute e-mail and SMS marketing to connect with their clients.

That’s where MessageBull comes in. With over 19 years of experience, and $110M in sales for our clients in the last 10 years alone, we know we can get you the results you need for your business. We know we can get the most of your customers you already have AND we can attract more clients to you – all with e-mail and SMS marketing.

Long story short: We do FULL SERVICE E-mail marketing for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

That means we do everything you need, to get the most out of your current customers. Book a free clarity call to discuss your needs.

Who Is MessageBull for?

If you have an eCom business and have a great product, but you’re not quite hitting your sales goals with the customers you already have, it can start to feel frustrating and self-defeating.

What if we told you that MessageBull has the solution?

If you don’t have time to create content and e-mails, don’t blame yourself. You’re busy with your business and your life.

Maybe you have a small list. The myth is that you can’t produce results with smaller lists, but that’s simply not true. We can still get amazing results. For example, one MessageBull client had less than 300 customers for their e-store. We were able to boost their sales 5x over 16 months. At this point in our working relationship, they have over 8,000 customers on their list.

We can also help to convert your social media followers into e-mail and SMS subscribers – we’ll flip the script and put ownership of your list back into your hands!

As a full-service e-mail marketing solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs, we create comprehensive marketing campaigns with ease. This means you get more sales on autopilot with MessageBull’s advanced and proven e-mail +SMS automation frameworks, all with your specific needs in mind. If you’re not sure about your current marketing performance, but would like to explore the possibilities of working with Message Bull, we’ll start with an audit of your services to determine the best course of action.

Did You Know?

Some of our results

Doubled turnover in less than 90 days


Corné van Willigen

Founder - MessageBull  - Turn The Corner B.V.

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