Christmas in July

Created by Butterstreet 21 for a Christmas in Juli marketing campaign.
Created by Butterstreet 21, for a marketing campaign for Christmas in July.
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Whut? Christmas in July? Yes, it is something, and it is not a marketing event to recover the pandemic losses.

So what is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July was first celebrated at a summer camp in 1933. It hit its first pop culture in 1940 when the movie Christmas in July hit the theaters. By the 1950s, retailers had on this concept, and today, Christmas in July is a big phenomenon in retail.

I heard from it 3 years ago, but it is still the event of a North American sale, marketing-oriented event. Rember Black Friday? Finally, it is now something in Europe. So do you want to boost midsummer sales? This is the moment to adopt it before everyone else does. My first reaction was a little funny when one of our international customers asked to start a marketing campaign around Christmas in July. But when I did some research and asked my co-workers, I realized this is a big thing. And it's perfect. Most retailers have a slower period in the summer, so why not another sales event?

How do you get everything out of Christmas in July?

First, when you are based in Europe, this is funny, and when you start in 2021 with a sale based on a Christmas theme in the summer. Everyone will be frowning their eyebrows.

How we respond to marketing events

Christmas in Juli is always on the 24th and 25th of July, so if you are reading this just before the event, you need to act fast. The following tips will help you.

Keep it simple. Done is better than perfect.

Make it easy for yourself and your team, make a big sale on the 25th of July. Share a discount code with your audience, use a funny picture as I did with this blog post.

Photo by Lynda Hinton / Unsplash

Don't overthink your marketing. Our most successful marketing campaigns started as an idea in the morning and went live in the afternoon.

1: Create a discount code

2: Share this in your specially crafted newsletter with a funny picture.

3: If you are in Europe, tell your customers a little back story about your sale. If you get responses that you are crazy. That's just what you want, right? Get a dialogue with your customers.

4: Share the same funny image you used in your e-mail on social media

5: Do an Instagram / Facebook Live and show your products, share your discount code. Make it even funnier, dressed with a Christmas head.

It's easy, and if you do it with a lot of energy and fun, it is also lucrative.

Enjoy your Christmas in July.

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