E-mail + SMS Marketing

Why everyone needs a Leadpage

Convert customers on the fence with a landing page strategy.
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Your list is your most valuable asset. So this can be a list with e-mail addresses and or phone numbers. To create such a list, you can use your current CRM system or the data in your e-commerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Lightspeed eCommerce.

Your current software mostly holds customers from the past, which is a good thing. But you're missing the potential customers.

Suppose your website's conversion rate is 5%. The other 95% of your visitors will not land in your customer database. So that's why you need a page to collect the customers still on the fence. They are interested in your services, but they did buy them yet.

When a potential customer is on your list, you can start reaching out and promoting your products and services.

This is why we created our landing page software so that you can create your landing pages in minutes and start collecting e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

When a  potential customer is on your list, you can build a relationship; when you have the relationship, it is easier to convince them to buy.

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